The NORD FLUID brand has become a point of reference for the market of the distribution of hydraulic components and fluid conveyance and is a distributor of the most important global brands of hydraulic components and fluid conveyance.
Founded in Italy in 1981, over the years it has succeeded in increasing its references in both quality and quantity and at the same time has cultivated its competences, listening to customers’ needs and assisting them in the search for ever more specialized and customized solutions.
It is hard to imagine what the members of Nord Fluid S.p.A. thought about the future of their company when they set out on their entrepreneurial adventure. Behind their daily work there was no doubt a dream that nevertheless did not include everything that has been built up despite the awareness of still being in an expansive phase.
A process and a company journey guided and conducted to make everyone participants: collaborators, members, supplies and customers.
Those who work at Nord Fluid know they are part of something special. Nord Fluid is the sum of its resources: a company that has structured and identifies itself with the human force that composes it. Accountability, determination, energy and passion: this is what is proposed to all. It is demanding but is the most concrete way of giving a response to those who require technology and to those who believe in a Nord Fluid projected towards the future.
Those who work at Nord Fluid know they are part of a history that is being written in real time, of a challenge that has been under way for only ten years and has still to experience its most beautiful and intense aspects.

The value offered by our business modelWAREHOUSE

For NORD FLUID, warehouse management is a priority and creates value for our customers.
The two large sites of Settimo Milanese and Settimo Torinese are its beating heart, with over 105,000 products always ready in storage.
We know the customer’s needs perfectly and with the experience acquired over the years we have improved and perfected the times and distribution methodology of our products, expanding the range of services and customizing them on the basis of the customer’s specific necessities.
Throughout the day a large quantity of hydraulic products, well beyond expectations, enters and leaves here. Orders for products in stock are filled within 24 hours so our customers always have what they are looking for available.
The warehouse of hydraulic components (Power Motion Control) is located in Settimo Milanese, while the Settimo Torinese operating unit is devoted to Fluid Conveyance products.
Our vision consists in being a concrete partner of the component producers, with a step ahead in availability and value creation for our customers, putting our knowledge and our warehouse at their disposal.


The beginningsOur history


NORD FLUID is formed by a group of managers of the Vickers company.

A group of NORD FLUID employees acquires total ownership, giving a new course to the company.
Hard work and a lot of passion results in the launch of a corporate process based on awareness in which everyone is a participant: members, collaborators, suppliers and customers.

The “Fluid Conveyance” branch located in Settimo Torinese is acquired from PFIFER CIFAST.

The company moves into new premises in Settimo Milanese, expanding its storage capacity with an area of over 1200 m2 of warehouse space.

NORD FLUID Hidravlika, our window on the East European market, is born. It is NORD FLUID’s first foreign branch, headquartered in Slovenia.

1)NORD FLUID S.p.A. acquires Tecnoil S.r.l., a leading company in plant design and construction with particular specialization in hydraulic systems and components.
2)The expansion of the “Fluid Conveyance” site is implemented by acquiring a new location with 1200 m2 of warehouse space.
3)The expansion of the areas devoted to storage at the Settimo Milanese site continues. The warehouse increases its storage capacity, reaching a size of 1800 m2 plus offices.

NORD FLUID S.p.A. enters the share capital of OMV S.p.A., a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer.