Without our people, we would just be a reseller.

NORD FLUID supplies excellence of products through the most prestigious brands in the sector and also for this reason customers expect an equal measure of excellence in problem-solving from us.
We want to be more than a simple supplier. Consider us instead an attentive partner, able to listen to needs. It’s the only way we know to take care of your orders.
We know perfectly what the necessities are of those who turn to us and with the experience acquired over the years we constantly improve the distribution times and methodologies of our products, expanding the range of services offered and customizing them on the basis of the specific necessities. We create value for the customer: economical and functional.
NORD FLUID’s customer value is the difference between need (or expectations) that are met by the product or service that we offer and the problems or costs that the customer must overcome in the process of seeking, selecting, purchasing and using the product itself.
Besides working to satisfy needs and expectations, NORD FLUID is focused on the elimination of the “induced problems” that the customer has to overcome during the whole purchasing process. We have the ability both to meet needs and to minimize induced problems.
At NORD FLUID one finds the search for excellence through a continuous improvement pathway.
Up-to-date technical skills, reliable partners and constant training are the basis for enabling us to offer you professionalism, timeliness and innovative responses in satisfying needs, expectations, desires and interests.


Ongoing sales support and a wide range of products allow us to meet the many needs of each individual client

Orders are processed and acquired in a simple and efficiently-run process

Within 24 hours: this is our mantra when it comes to sending out orders of all the products we stock.

For shipment, we entrust our goods to the very best dispatch partners, placing them in their hands within 24 hours of processing the order.

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